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PCC Minimum Community Care Program

The inmates at Minimum Facility of Palmer Correctional Center are proud to announce the competition of a major contribution to the facility’s Community Care Program. This past week, they finished 1000 wooden toys to be given to needy children, just in time for the holidays!

The inmates proposed to crochet stuffed animals to be given out to the charitable organizations and currently have completed 183 animals.

PCC Medium Community Care Program

From left to right
Jeff Martin, David Sander, Albert Echolt, Acting Asst. Super. Olsen, Edward Newman, Acting Lt. Wood, Michael Zavacky, Alan Johnson, John Osborne Jr, Superintendent Anderson, Benjamin Schroeder, Joshua Mead, Newton Lindoff, Tim Jean, Martin Komok, Sgt. Hauser, Ofc. Canada

PCC Medium Community Care Program

PCC inmates have funded and participated for the ninth consecutive year in a crochet program that allows the inmates to give back to the community. All of the materials used for the projects are purchased from the profits generated by the PCC Medium Club Sales Store. This year at PCC we had 200 participants in the program. The inmates create their own unique patterns which is clearly apparent in their designs. It is the mission of Palmer Correctional Center to aid the inmates incarcerated to return to the community as healthy, productive and responsible members of their communities.

2015 Completed Community Care Project Totals:
Hats: 3500
Blankets: 400
Scarves: 800

PCC Medium Community Care Program

Left to right standing: Joseph Minock, Ralph Aveganna, Timothy Queripel, Ryan Cox, Travis Heintzman, Dale Ohler, John Kohler, Harry Elewis, Aaron Lochridge, Thomas Hopson, Robert Tanape, Michael Schreider, Eddie John, Vincent Karmun, Heath Olin, Tommy Davis, Robert Bane, Larry Brown II, Chris Parker, Sean Aubrey, Andrew Nelson, Raymond Arkell, Ah Limchantha, and Vaituu Motuga.
Middle kneeling left to right: Michael Linn, and Chris Jordan.

Front from left to right sitting and kneeling: Anthony Papa, Steve Wright, John Michael Knauss, Jeffery King, Timothy Russell, and Jeremiah Avessuk.