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New Path High School

New Path High School, located within the Anchorage Correctional Complex and Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, has had a great 2015. Our students have the opportunity to use their time while incarcerated constructively, and to earn a high school diploma from the Anchorage School District. We’ve awarded diplomas to 28 students this year, and have provided services to over 120 inmates. In addition to making progress academically, our students plan for life after incarceration, and discover strengths and interests that they may not have known they had.

Here’s what one of our recent graduates (shown in the picture), of whom we are extremely proud of, had to say about the program: “New Path is a great program that can be very effective if you take advantage of it. I never thought that I would graduate because I was so far behind on credits, but with a lot of effort, I got my diploma. The teachers were very encouraging and very helpful. Now I have a better chance at achieving my goal of a career in carpentry. My chances of being accepted into AVTEC are a lot higher than they were before. This program has given me a better and brighter future. I can’t thank the staff enough.”

The New Path High School staff would like to thank the Department of Corrections for their continued support of what we feel is an important and beneficial program. We’re looking forward to another great year.

2015 New Path High School Graduate

2015 New Path High School Graduate

PCC Share Campaign Potatoes & Medium Ham & Turkey Donation

On November 20th, 2015, the Palmer Correctional Center and Acting Director Marshall partnered together to purchase one ton of potatoes from the Share Campaign Silent Auction to donate to various charitable organizations within our communities. On December 3rd, the Medium Facility prisoners donated 8 turkeys and 8 hams to the Palmer Food Bank.

On December 3, 2015, the following organizations were the recipients of 50 pound bags of potatoes:

Alaska Family Services – 1 bag
Palmer Food Bank – 4 bags
My House – 1 bag
Salvation Army – 10 bags

On December 15, 2015, PCC will deliver the following 50 pound bags of potatoes to:

New Life Development – 2 bags
McKinnel House – 6 bags
Stepping Stone – 3 bags
Mother Lawrence – 1 bag
Frontline Mission – 4 bags
Pioneer Home – 4 bags
Palmer Senior Citizen Center – 4 bags

Total potatoes donated was forty 50lbs bags = 1 ton! Happy Holidays from Palmer Correctional Center!

COs Russell and Hauser with the potato harvest

Left to right: Officer Russell & Sergeant Hauser.