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Employee of the Month at Goose Creek Correctional Center

We would like to take a moment and congratulate Maintenance Specialist Brian Campbell as the November Employee of the month. Mr. Campbell has worked since 1996 at the Correctional farm and is crucial to all farming and facility maintenance that is conducted there. Along with his normal duties he routinely drops tasks to complete things such as plaque requests from the director’s office and emergent repairs on farming equipment. Mr. Campbell is vital to the operations at the farm and GCCC as a whole.

He started at PMCF and has been there ever since. He has made plaques for retirees for the department and has made the DOC shield for some of the offices. He has been to many of the other facilities completing welding project at those institutions. While doing all of this he keeps the farming equipment running and the farm building maintained. He wears many hats to complete the tasks given to him and he is aware of the budgetary requirements by researching the best prices for the material that is necessary to complete the project.

Congratulations to Brian Campbell, Employee of the Month at Goose Creek Correctional Center!