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Consider Nominating a Coworker for a Peak Performance Denali Award

The nomination period for the 2015 GOVERNOR’S PEAK PERFORMANCE DENALI AWARDS is now open. Please consider nominating a coworker for this prestigious award! The Department of Corrections has been well-represented in past years by Denali Award nominees and honorees. The nomination period closes February 13th. Nominating a co-worker is not difficult: the first step is to:

  1. Download a nomination form at this link: http://doa.alaska.gov/dop/denaliAwards/forms/. There are six award categories: Co-Worker Recognition, Customer Service Excellence, Exceptional Performance, Crisis Responder, Innovation in Cost-saving and Leadership. In two categories (Customer Service Excellence and Exceptional Performance) there are separate team and individual categories. The criteria that is used to determine category winners and honorable mentions is here:  http://doa.alaska.gov/dop/denaliAwards/scoringCriteria/.
  2. The next step is to complete the form and write a short description explaining the reasons for the nomination. Here is a link to view examples of completed nomination forms: http://doa.alaska.gov/dop/fileadmin/DenaliAwards/nominationExamples2011.pdf.
  3. Each nomination must be signed by the Commissioner, your Division Director, and, if you work at Correctional Facility, first initialed by the Superintendent. You can forward the nomination to the Division Director as a scanned attachment to an email, or you can send it to Kay Hoover who will make sure it is forwarded for signature. Do not hesitate to contact the department rep if you have any questions or would like some feedback on your nomination form.