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KCC Prisoners Complete OSHA Safety Training Class, Other Classes

Inmates at Ketchikan Correctional Center recently took part in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training classes. Other vocational programs, such as certification in First Aid and CPR, are also provided at the facility as local employers expressed a need to have employees as job ready as possible. These program completions are important as they can be what gives an applicant an edge over their competition. Ketchikan has a variety of industries that hire everything from customer service positions to highly skilled technical and vocational careers. Inmates have been busy as well in other areas and completed programs in Criminal Attitude Program and Parenting Classes recently.

— Superintendent Jessica Mathews

For Angelica: SCCC Inmate Artisans’ Creations To Help Fund Girl’s Healing

Photo of SCCC inmate artisans

From L-R, standing: Randall Smith, David Forster, Anthony Garcia, Kirby Anthoney, seated, Noel Fears, Stephen Foster, Ralph Adams and Leslie Simpson

What can touch the heart more than the plight of a child who has suffered a terrible accident on Christmas Day? On December 25th, 11-year old Angelica lost her legs and her life changed forever. Though the members of SCCC’s Hobby Shop were working at full time to fulfill donation requests for two upcoming local auctions, they stopped everything to help this little girl from Anchor Point. “They had three days to pull it off. And they did. Beautifully,” said SCCC Superintendent Clare Sullivan.

Among the items donated to a fundraising auction for Angelica (held at the Chapman Elementary School in Anchor Point on Sunday, January 18) include: ulu earrings made of mammoth and fossilized walrus tusk by Randall Smith, Tlingit-style salmon symbol in acrylic on canvas by David Forster, totem, eagle paddle with inlays of fossilized walrus ivory, mammoth ivory and abalone, hand-carved by Anthony Garcia, jewelry box with swivel lid and basket, both made from mixed exotic wood by Kirby Anthoney, covered-wagon lamp with clock, made of feathered maple and Alaskan birch, by Kirby Anthoney; “Wolf,” airbrush acrylic on Bristol board, by Noel Fears, four polished baleen bracelets (one with scrimshawed wolves) by Stephen Foster, baleen paddle with scrimshawed sea otter by Stephen Foster; baleen ulu scrimshawed with two figures by Stephen Foster, scrimshaw portrait on baleen and baleen hanging with scrimshawed native drummers by Stephen Foster, beaded cross pendants, beaded-heart with tassel key chains, and beaded earrings, by Ralph Adams; humming bird box, hand carved, by Leslie Simpson, “Medicine Man’ bust, hand carved by Leslie Simpson.

Estimated total retail value: $6,000.