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Anvil Mountain Female Prisoners Donate Hand Made Items for Christmas Gifts

Photo of AMCC Prisoners with their handmade donations

These beautiful hats and mittens sums it up for 2014 at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center. These will be donated and used for Christmas gifts in the Nome and Kotzebue region to certain organizations for woman and children in need. Our female inmates, Evelyn Johnson, Lily Tom, Ella Wilson, and Linda Savetilik either learned a new trade or taught others how to crochet.

‘Singing Christmas Tree’ Comes to Ketchikan Correctional Center

Photo of Singing Christmas Tree performers

Singing Christmas Tree performers

Thirty three Ketchikan Christmases have come and gone since the very first year Clover Pass Community Church hosted the “The Singing Christmas Tree.” Since that time, the community at Clover Pass has worked to make each year’s presentation something the community looks forward to with anticipation. The Singing Christmas Tree performers also made a special appearance at Ketchikan Correctional Center on Saturday December 6th. Pastor James Duncan, the DOC Chaplain, attended along with local pastors Bill White and Michael Cooke and choir director Rob Holston. The program was well received and much appreciated. A big thank you to the volunteers that come to our facility year after year. Merry Christmas.

— Superintendent Jessica Mathews