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Progressive Prison Parenting Program Proceeds at PCC

Photo of Progressive Prison Parenting Program graduates and Susan Magestro

Susan Magestro, front row, standing, is joined by program graduates (not in order) inmates Rey Soto Lopez, Shane Foley, Aaron Thomas, Billy Ashley, Brian Millard, Don Kendricks, Doug Kernak, Jeremy Padie, Leonard Delie, Nicholas Berry, Paul Lashure, Raymond Arkell, Richard Tilden, Seyran Andreasyan, Timothy Russell, Tony Jett, Wilfred Johnson, Henry Bauer, Talaleilei Edwards, Albert Escholt, Chris Burleson, Eric Spencer, Glenn Prince, Nathan Solano and Vaituu Motuga

Palmer Correctional Center held a graduation for the new Alaska Progressive Prison Parenting Program on November 19, 2014. The goal of the program is to develop a healthy parent-child relationship between incarcerated parents and their children in the community. A special thanks is deserved for Susan Magestro, Criminologist and Interventionist. Ms. Magestro orchestrated this program in Alaska Prisons in order to approach family reunification and reintegration in a unique way. Children of incarcerated parents are six times more likely to end up in prison themselves. By developing a healthy relationship while incarcerated, parents can assist their children to not follow in their footsteps which leads to a safer and happier community for all Alaskans. Congratulations to all of the inmates who voluntarily engaged in this program and successfully graduated!

— Probation Officer III Emily Geiger