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Nancy Ogram Honored for 15 Years of Service

Photo of Nancy Ogram and Commissioner Schmidt

Commissioner Joe Schmidt, left, presents a certificate to Administrative Assistant Nancy Ogram

Administrative Assistant Nancy Ogram was honored by her coworkers as she was presented a 15-year service pin on November 26th at the Commissioner’s Office in Anchorage. “Nancy is the picture of dedication, caring and fairness,” said Probation and Parole Director Carrie Belden. “She has been a tremendous asset to our division over the years and I can’t say enough nice things about her professionally and personally.”
Nancy often fills in for the Commissioner’s secretary when she is away, and performs other duties as needed. “Nancy is so dedicated and organized,” added Executive Secretary Kay Schmidt. “She is a wonderful asset to the Department and a great pleasure to work with.”

Fairbanks Probation Office Takes Halloween Decorating to the Next Level

Knowing that several staff in the Fairbanks probation office are huge Halloween fanatics and thinking of a way to boost office morale, what started out as a friendly competition of the hallways took on a life of its own during the month of October.

From plain white walls to a Haunted Castle and St. Merciless Hospital the teams spent many weekend and evening hours including their families in a team effort to complete the transformation.  Down the “East Side” hall you were met with a draw bridge entrance to the castle.  As you went down the hall you passed the headless horseman in the stable, the royal privies, sorcerer’s room, and dungeon.  The hallway ended in a fog filled graveyard.  The west side consisted of a pharmacy, in-sanitization, laundry, lab, hospital administrator, gift shop, asylum, radiology, nursery, Ebola cafeteria, morgue, surgery and the final grand finale consisted of a homemade life size animatronic zombie. The zombie greeted guests, with his fully moving neck, mouth, eyes and voice. The creator, Chris Hampton says it took about 16 hours in all to create the ‘head’ from scratch, it was not purchased as the judges originally thought. Everyone on the west side dressed up, some wearing scrubs, some wearing hazmat suits.

The official judging was done by District Court Judge Christiansen and Superior Court Judge Kauvar. After an official tour of the hallways, they had to deliberate. Everyone gathered to hear the final judgment, but not after closing arguments and a rebuttal. The East Side won first prize for best overall decorated hallway. The West Side won first prize for group participation, not to mention the fine details. No feelings were hurt as both won a first prize ribbon. The award ceremony was followed by a potluck, which of course included spider deviled eggs, spider seven layer dip, Jell-O worms, left over body parts-aka chicken, mummies and bloody cheesecake.

Family and friends were invited to come trick or treating Halloween afternoon. On Friday,  staff were in full costume again, some staff even came in on their days off to participate with the children. There were about 20 little ones that participated with their parents.

Next year we are only decorating pumpkins.

— Leah Tupper, Amanda Cockrell, Christopher Hampton