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Female Inmates at KCC Gain Employment Skills With AMSEA Class

Commercial fishing remains Alaska’s largest and most dangerous occupation, according to the US Coast Guard. Studies of incidents at sea also show that female crew members are less likely to survive abandon ship situations in Alaska than their male counterparts. One of the likely reasons is that female crew members are often not “in the loop” as much as their male counterparts in terms of safety procedures. In Ketchikan, a large number of jobs are in the maritime industry and Ketchikan Correctional Center is committed to providing maritime safety education programs through the Alaska Maritime Safety Education Association (AMSEA). During a recent 18 hour AMSEA safety class, instructor Dug Jensen taught a class for female inmates. Jensen said the class was particularly effective because the female inmates were involved in all parts in the abandon ship, onboard fire and flooding drills, including ship handling, emergency communication, life raft deployment and person in the water rescues. The female inmates gained a comprehensive knowledge of emergency situations and procedures that will help them if they face danger on the high sea, according to Jensen.

— Superintendent Jessica Mathews