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PCC Holds Akeela RSAT Graduation Event for Class of 30

Photo of RSAT graduates

The Akeela Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program (RSAT) held a graduation at the Palmer Correctional Center (PCC) medium facility October 30. PCC staff, friends, and family were in attendance to honor the graduation of thirty (30) inmates. Graduates included: (From left to right) Front Row: James Culp, Nikko Adams, William Welsh, Patrick Kinzy, Leslie Clark, Corey Thompson, Justin Snyder
Back Row: Kyle Starr, Justin Kennedy, Jacques Lisby, Brett White, Derrik Williams, Dean Ranstead, Robert McComas, Jason Gray, Aaron Thomas, Joseph Gray, Byron Peters, Kenneth Smith, John Hamilton, Timothy Russell, Shane Foley, Roger Boshears, Robert Sugar, Johnny Havird, Joseph Allen, Rick Burroughs.

PCC Staff Raises $846 for 2014 SHARE Campaign

Photo of Sgt. Robert Hall, Renee Jensen, and Tracy Ivory Grasty

L-R: Sgt. Robert Hall, Renee Jensen, Tracy Ivory Grasty

Palmer Correctional Center staff joined together to raise a total of $846.56 for the 2014 SHARE Campaign. Office Assistants Renee Jensen and Tracy Ivory Grasty led the campaign by organizing multiple bake sales, a potato bake, a silent auction, and a pizza sale. The PCC staff generously donated their time and culinary skills for the bake sale. The potatoes were donated from the Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm. The PCC kitchen staff and inmates assisted in expertly preparing the spuds for consumption. Ms. Jensen and Ms. Grasty, along with Sgt. Robert Hall, donated multiple items for the silent auction. “PCC staff had a wonderful time outbidding each other on all of the excellent donations! A special thanks goes to Sgt. Hall for donating two handmade plaques depicting the teamwork and dedication that staff at PCC exemplifies,” said Superintendent Tomi Anderson. (The plaque can be seen in the accompanying photo.)