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Anvil Mountain Superintendent Lucy Dittmar Retires After 20-year Career

Photo of Lucy Dittmar

Superintendent Lucy Dittmar

Superintendent Lucy Dittmar began her career with the Department of Corrections in 1994 at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome. From 1994-2003 Dittmar worked as a as a floor officer, disciplinary officer, records officer and standards officer. In November, 2002 Dittmar took a five-month sabbatical to fight nasal pharyngeal carcinoma. With the cancer defeated, Dittmar returned in May 2003, working inn records, and in July 2004, Dittmar promoted to the Records/Training/Security/Compliance Sgt. In 2005, Dittmar returned to manage a shift of four officers. Dittmar promoted to Lieutenant in April, 2008 and was named Superintendent in May, 2013.
“I have enjoyed working for the Department of Correction and have enjoyed living in Nome for the last 20 years,” Dittmar said. “I don’t think I would have recovered from the cancer treatment as well as I did, if I did not have to go back to work. Working took my mind off the challenges that cancer and cancer treatment bring to your life and I think because I had to get back on my feet and manage a multitude of duties, I did not have time to focus deeply on the problems that I would face throughout recovery.”