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Fairbanks PO Arranges Law Enforcement Welcome for Disabled Child

An article in the Fairbanks News-Miner about Ben Pierce, a nine-year old boy from Texas who was losing his eyesight due to a medical condition, grabbed the attention of PO II Amber Terrill in the Fairbanks Probation Office. Ben’s wish, the article explained, was to come to Alaska and see the northern lights.  Being a mother of two young boys,  PO Terrill couldn’t help to think that being greeted by police officers would be one of the coolest experiences and hopefully a lasting visual memory to store for a lifetime.  She contacted local agencies including the Fairbanks Police Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks Police Department and the Alaska State Troopers who were all more than willing and eager to have at least one if not more of their uniformed personnel at the airport when this little boy and his family arrived.

As the crowd grew at the airport to welcome Ben and his family, so did the uniformed presence.  “It was an amazing and heartwarming sight to see not only a line of over a dozen uniformed law enforcement officers, but also the excited community members who thought that their presence was “Awesome” PO Terrill said. “The true icing on the cake though was seeing Ben’s face light up when each officer and trooper lined up to meet him and shake his hand.  The true reward to the day was knowing in the end the community of Fairbanks and its local and state law enforcement officers all helped this little boy have an amazing welcome and a visual memory that will last forever.”