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Female Inmates at Anvil Mountain Gain New Skills

Photo of female AMCC inmates with gifts they created

Here at Anvil Mountain Correctional facility, female inmates have either learned a new trade or enhanced their skills by crocheting hats, neck-warmers and stuffed animals for children around the Nome and Kotzebue region. These thoughtful gifts will be distributed to the Nome Children’s Home and Womens Shelter, as well as to the Kotzebue Womens Shelter and the Putyuk Children’s Home. AMCC gets yarn, stuffing and plastic crochet hooks donated to the facility and in return we give back to the communities the friendly gifts. This program is modeled after a similar program at Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel, where female inmates crocheting hats, booties, and baby blankets for newborns in the region. We always welcome donations of yarn: if you would like to donate please send to:

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center
P.O. Box 730
Nome, AK 99762