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Anvil Mountain Conducts ANSAT Treatment Program

Photo of ANSAT Graduating Class

ANSAT Graduating Class

The Alaska Native Substance Abuse Treatment (ANSAT) Program, consisting of 15, two-part lessons each focus on different Alaska Native Values, is continuing at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome. The program also includes eight Anger Management Modules and an Exam as well as Addiction/Health Education information, handouts and worksheets; and Relapse Prevention information, handouts and worksheets. ANSAT is a 5-week program, so participants will have a greater opportunity to graduate from the program before they are transferred or released from AMCC. There will only be 8 to 10 participants allowed in the program at one time. There will be two sessions a day, each session lasting 1 ½ hours, four days a week (Monday – Thursday). Kelly Strass, Nome ANSAT Program Coordinator, has been teaching in the institution for three years. On August 7th her most recent class graduated with 14 inmates.