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Hiland Mountain Prisoners Raise Funds for Senior Center

On June 25th the women of Hiland Mountain Correctional Center ran and walked around the track, shot basketballs, ran three legged races and had fun participating in other activities, all in the rain. The occasion was the Third Annual “Olympics” to raise money for the Chugiak/Eagle River Senior Center. The month before the event the participants of the Transformational Living Community (TLC) program collected pledges from the inmates and after all was said and done $1,158.51 was donated and the Native Cultural Council added $500 more for a total of $1658.51. On July 8th representatives from the senior center came to Hiland to accept a check and for the first time women from Hiland were able to go to the senior center to visit with the seniors and present the funds. All funds raised are used by the center to help seniors who are in financial need.