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Yukon-Kuskokwim Marks Retirements, Anniversary

On April 30th Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center said goodbye to a wealth of institutional knowledge as the retirement of four staff members was honored. These staff members served the Department well, and their experience will be missed. The staff and many citizens of the Bethel Community wished them happiness and success at a retirement luncheon. Each received plaques from the staff at YKCC and the Alaska Correctional Officers Association. Assistant Superintendent Hoffman served as the Acting Superintendent at YKCC for the past year, and was presented with a special award from the Director’s Office. Deputy Director Lee Sherman came to Bethel to congratulate each of the staff as they transition into civilian life. In addition, Probation Officer II Barbara Ramos was recognized with a letter and a service pin from Governor Parnell, for her 25-years of dedicated state service. The honorees are: Assistant Superintendent James “Bobby” Hoffman (14-years) Retired; CO III Michael Rapoza (24-years) Retired; CO II Carol Peters (30-years) Retired; CO II Beulah Dahlin (16-years) Retired, and PO II Barbara Ramos for 25 years State Service.

— Superintendent Dean Marshall

Anchorage Probation Office Celebrates Support Staff

Photo of cake for Anchorage Probation Office support staff

On April 23rd the Anchorage Probation Office celebrated our outstanding support staff. CJT Lori Taylor, CJT Charlie Welch, CJT Christy Berggen, CJT Jeff Fonseca, CJT Wade, CJT Sam Bright, CJT Djanette Aplildo, OA III April Vanderlinden, OA I Chrystal Swafford, OA I Sehaira Speakman, and OA I Ashlen Welch are the back bone of this office and a credit to the Alaska Department of Corrections.

— PO V Keith Thayer

DOC Honor Guard Provides Vigil at Denali Awards Ceremony

Photo of 2014 Denali Awards DOC Honor Guard vigil

The Department of Corrections Honor Guard stood at attention beside the photos of fallen Alaska State Troopers Sgt. Patrick “Scott” Johnson and Gabriel “Gabe” Rich at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. The DOC Honor Guard included, from left: Sgt. Troy Eberline from Goose Creek Correctional Center, Sgt. John Ellingwood, Anchorage Correctional Complex, and Correctional Officer Jeff Reichel, Palmer Correctional Center.

DOC Staff Honored at 2014 Peak Performance Denali Awards

Six Department of Corrections staff members were honored at the 2014 Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Awards ceremony Thursday, May 8th at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium in Anchorage. Receiving Denali Awards were: CO II Jessica Radlinski (Goose Creek Correctional Center), honorable mention, Crisis Responder; Sgt. John Cox (Spring Creek Correctional Center), honorable mention, Co-Worker Recognition; and the Anchorage Correctional Complex East Reception team (Tamika Anderson, Iman Josey, Jayda Karren and Lisa Williams), Customer Service Excellence. The awards were presented by Commissioner Joe Schmidt. In presenting the award certificates, the Commissioner said:

Of Sgt. John Cox: “Sergeant Cox began his career with the Department of Corrections in October 1999 as a Correctional Officer I.  In 2007 he promoted to Sergeant, and in 20008 his duties were expanded to Shift Sergeant where he supervised the Segregation Unit and Maximum Custody prisoners.  During his career Sergeant Cox served as a Tactical Team member and leader, and Weapons Range Officer.  In February, he was honored by his peers as Employee of the Month. Sergeant Cox is nominated for this award because he has always helped out when ever and where ever needed.  He is approachable and willing to listen to other opinions or ideas and implement them if they offer a better solution.  He is very organized and makes sure his work space is ready for other staff to work in.  He would put himself on the line for a fellow officer and stand in harm’s way to protect his shift and co-workers. Sergeant Cox is known by his co-workers as a hard charger, mission oriented “can do” guy.  He is also a considerate and fair.  His demonstrated competence and leadership abilities serve as an inspiration for others to emulate, all which contributes furthering the Department of Corrections mission.  Sergeant Cox’s dedication to duty and demonstrated competence reflects great credit upon himself, the Department of Corrections and the State of Alaska.” 

Of the ACC East Reception team: “Tamika Anderson has been a Department of Corrections family member for close to ten years; Lisa Williams has been with the Department of seven years while Iman Josey and Jayda Karren are relative newcomers to the Department. The ACC East Reception team was nominated in the category of Customer Service Excellence.  Tamika Anderson’s leadership brings a safe, friendly and compassionate environment to a facility that can be frustrating and stressful for visitors. She and her team continually demonstrate a commitment to superior customer service while using an extensive knowledge of department policy and procedure. Lisa Williams brings a sense of humor and often brings a smile to the face of a visitor. Iman Josey, who has been on the job about a year is firm, consistent and friendly. Jayda Karren is new to the position and is eager to learn new things and advance in the Department. The ACC East Reception Team consists of exceptional employees who are trained to deal with sometimes difficult situations in a calm, patient and professional manner.  Their knowledge of facility procedures and exceptional problem-solving skills are put to use daily in assisting Alaskans who are visiting the Anchorage Correctional Complex East.”

Of CO II Jessica Radlinski: “Correctional Officer Jessica Radlinski began her career with the Department of Corrections in August, 2012. She trained for three months at Palmer Correctional Center before transferring to her present duty station at Goose Creek Correctional Center where she works in Master Control. As Officer Radlinski was driving home after completing a 12-hour night shift, she came upon a single vehicle accident. Moments before Officer Radlinski arrived, a vehicle swerved to avoid a moose and had turned on its side in deep snow. Two women in the vehicle were conscious but were unable to exit the vehicle without assistance from Officer Radlinski. After calling 9-1-1 Officer Radlinski provided shelter for the two passengers and rerouted approaching traffic until assistance arrived.  Jessica is known by her co-workers as a hard charger that insists on attention to detail, especially when she is training new officers. She is also known for her pleasant voice and calm demeanor when communicating by radio.

The nomination period of the 2015 Denali Awards opens around Christmas.