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Probation Staff Connects Bad Tattoo with Good Artist for Parolee’s Best Interest

Recently Anchorage Parole Officer Lana Grist was able to convince a parolee on her caseload to cover up a tattoo he had obtained while in custody. The tattoo was on the offender’s neck and it said “Kill Cops.” Many discussions had occurred between parolee Mikel Sawyer and PO Grist regarding the tattoo not being pro-social and a detriment to his future success. Finally, Parolee Sawyer agreed and the decision was made to have it covered up. This was easier said than done, however. Tattooing is expensive and it takes extra talent to be able to cover up another tattoo. PO Grist turned to another parolee, Jeremy Wright, also on her caseload who, by all accounts was an extraordinary tattoo artist. She was able to convince him to find a place to do the work, design the tattoo and complete the cover up at no cost. It took a full day’s worth of work but the task was completed. PO Grist went way above and beyond helping this parolee and in the process involved the second parolee in a situation where he could give back to the community. Hopefully this will lead to future success for both of them.

— Probation Officer III Rob Carlson