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Correctional Officers ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’

On Saturday April 26th, Officers from the Alaska Department of Corrections participated in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, an international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. All eight Correctional Officers donned a pair of high heels for this opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes and effects of sexualized violence. Organized by ACC Correctional Officer Tommy Quinlan, $1,100 was raised to donate to this worthy cause.

Participating were: Officers Tommy Quinlan, Adam Rocheleau, Andrew Busch, Ryan Krieger, Sandi Smith; Chris Harrington; and Justin Clawson, all from ACC, and Officer Bret Wrigglesworth from Goose Creek.

— Lt. Rebecca Cowart-Wilkerson

Correctional Officer Academy No. 123 Graduates Class of 37

Photo of Correctional Officer Academy #123

Correctional Officer Academy #123

A class of 37 Correctional Officers representing eight institutions graduated from Alaska Department of Corrections Academy #123 on April 11. In this Academy there were nine women and 28 men. The students spent six weeks learning the Policies and Procedures of the department, effective communication, shotgun training, Taser training, One-On-One Control Techniques, cultural awareness and various other curriculum. Officers attending this Academy include 13 military veterans and four officers who have relatives currently working for the Department. Congratulations to the Correctional Officers of Class #123.

— Lt. Scott Dial

Lemon Creek Holds Annual Success Inside & Out Conference

Photo of Education Coordinator Paul McCarthy and banner designer Anne Marie Morris

Education Coordinator Paul McCarthy and banner designer Anne Marie Morris

The sixth annual Success Inside & Out conference was a day-long event sponsored by the Alaska Court System in collaboration with Lemon Creek Correctional Center and local halfway house Gastineau Human Services. The conference featured information, entertainment, and inspiration to help sentenced inmates releasing within two years to make it on the outside after releasing from prison. There were talks, music and singing, and the ever popular fashion show featuring how to dress for a job interview …and now NOT to dress. There was a panel of former inmates (called “How to Stop the Revolving Door,” moderated by head community PO Brett Wilson), and eight panel sessions. The panels focused on: addiction treatment and mental health options; exploring life’s necessities #1: housing, food, and medical services; exploring life’s necessities #2: legal and banking services; personal fitness and strength training; employment and education opportunities in Juneau; reconnecting to one’s spiritual self; healthy relationships and reconnecting to family; and last but not least, success on probation and parole.

— Education Coordinator Paul McCarthy

DOC Dental, Medical Staff Volunteer for Mission of Mercy

The Alaska Dental Society hosted its first MISSION of MERCY (MOM) event at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage mid-April utilizing 100 portable dental units and 1,332 volunteers including Department of Corrections Chief Dental Officer Michale Boothe and Dental Hygienist Laurel Pfanmiller-Azegami. Mental Health Clinicians Cortney Hansen and Marian Lilley also participated and helped with registration and organization of the event. The emphasis was on basic dental care such as fillings, extractions and cleanings. Limited lab work was also offered. Dr. Boothe served as team leader of the “post-op” section while Laurel worked in the “Kids Town” and providing local anesthesia. Originating in Virginia and spreading throughout the United States, more than 70 MOM dental programs have been conducted since 2000 to provide free dental care to local residents who otherwise would be unable to receive such care. The MOM event focused on: providing free access to dental care while placing a high priority on patients suffering from dental infections or pain, raising public awareness of the increasing difficulty low income adults and children face in accessing critical dental care and creating health care advocates via the hundreds of lay volunteers participating in the event.

— Laura Brooks

Yukon-Kuskokwim Marks Retirements, Anniversary

On April 30th Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center said goodbye to a wealth of institutional knowledge as the retirement of four staff members was honored. These staff members served the Department well, and their experience will be missed. The staff and many citizens of the Bethel Community wished them happiness and success at a retirement luncheon. Each received plaques from the staff at YKCC and the Alaska Correctional Officers Association. Assistant Superintendent Hoffman served as the Acting Superintendent at YKCC for the past year, and was presented with a special award from the Director’s Office. Deputy Director Lee Sherman came to Bethel to congratulate each of the staff as they transition into civilian life. In addition, Probation Officer II Barbara Ramos was recognized with a letter and a service pin from Governor Parnell, for her 25-years of dedicated state service. The honorees are: Assistant Superintendent James “Bobby” Hoffman (14-years) Retired; CO III Michael Rapoza (24-years) Retired; CO II Carol Peters (30-years) Retired; CO II Beulah Dahlin (16-years) Retired, and PO II Barbara Ramos for 25 years State Service.

— Superintendent Dean Marshall

Anchorage Probation Office Celebrates Support Staff

Photo of cake for Anchorage Probation Office support staff

On April 23rd the Anchorage Probation Office celebrated our outstanding support staff. CJT Lori Taylor, CJT Charlie Welch, CJT Christy Berggen, CJT Jeff Fonseca, CJT Wade, CJT Sam Bright, CJT Djanette Aplildo, OA III April Vanderlinden, OA I Chrystal Swafford, OA I Sehaira Speakman, and OA I Ashlen Welch are the back bone of this office and a credit to the Alaska Department of Corrections.

— PO V Keith Thayer