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Spring Creek Honors 25-Year-Plus Veteran Employees

Photo of GCCC SPOT graduates

Electrician Journey Tom Sawyer, Maintenance Foreman Byron Loomis, Correctional Officer III Terry Quiring, Correctional Officer III Carey Quiring. Not pictured: Office Assistant II Patti Johnson and Correctional Officer II Ferdinand Braun

Spring Creek Correctional Center offers its thanks and gratitude to the six dedicated individuals who have been here since the doors opened, or in a few cases, even before they were built. Maintenance Foreman, Byron Loomis, and Electrician Journey, Tom Sawyer, were both integral to the construction of the facility, Loomis as labor foreman and Sawyer as an electrician. They became full time employees of SCCC after construction was finished, and the facility opened in 1988. Braun, Johnson, and the Quirings all started work that same year. Terry Quiring and Carey Quiring (then Fillingim) met at the prison and married in 1994. Thank you for your years of continued service!

— Assistant Superintendent Bobby Lockeby