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ACC East Echo Mod Jump Barriers Installation Complete

The Facilities Capital Improvement Unit recently completed two projects designed to prevent inmates from harming themselves by jumping from the mezzanine level of the housing units. Improvements were made at ACC-W Lima Mod and ACC-E Echo Mod. A collaborative effort for the best materials was thoroughly discussed prior to the final design. Superintendent Debbie Miller and her security staff were very helpful during the materials selection process. Polycarbonate clear panels were selected for the lower portion for better visibility coupled with expanded metal installed at the top of the barrier to prevent interference with smoke detection and sprinkler systems. A continual solid barrier from the hand rail to the ceiling would have interfered with the life safety systems and not received fire plan review approval. Facility Manager Dan Aicher was responsible for the design coordination and contractor oversight. Both projects were completed successfully on time and within budget. Staff relocation of inmates normally housed in the Mods was another logistical challenge that took careful consideration and planning. Close coordination between ACC security and Facilities staff was the key to the success of the project. Thanks to all for your continued professionalism and dedication.

— Clif Reagle