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Spring Creek Names Amy Komarek Employee of the Year

Photo of SCCC 2013 Employee of the Year Amy Komarek

SCCC 2013 EOY Amy Kromarek

Spring Creek Correctional Center is proud to announce that Amy Komarek has been named Employee of the Year for 2013. A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Amy currently hold the title of Administrative Assistant I at SCCC, where she is known for her professionalism and cheerful manner. “Amy Komarek is the kind of ‘go to gal’ that will get things done in a cheerful and compassionate manner,” said Superintendent Clare Sullivan. ” Often times she has to work with difficult and sensitive personnel matters and her attitude is of service for each employee. We’re all fortunate to have such consummate professional who looks to provide the best quality human resource management and services for all at SCCC.” L. Dean Marshall, Superintendent of YKCC, who served as Acting Superintendent at Spring Creek for nearly a year said “Amy maintains a courteous and pleasant demeanor, while juggling a significant workload. She has done a phenomenal job with recruitment and assisting the many out of state applicants with their transition to the Seward community and to the DOC family. She is an awesome person, and it has been a pleasure to work with her!”

Goose Creek Graduates 31 in Construction Core Course

Photo of first GCCC NCCER graduating class

GCCC NCCER graduating class

On March 7th, 2014, Goose Creek Correctional Center (G.C.C.C.) graduated its first NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) Core class. There were 31 inmates who earned their credentials. Present was Superintendent John Conant, NCCER training sponsor from the Construction Education Foundation Mandy Beaulieu, Criminal Justice Planner for Education Gary Olsen, probation and correctional officers and the vocational staff. The Core Course is the gateway training for graduates to obtain basic construction knowledge and safety concepts. Once they have graduated this course, it opens up opportunities to take specific trade training. During the ceremony Mr. Conant spoke to the assembly about his experiences with construction and his support for training in the construction field.

There are two N.C.C.E.R. trade specific programs in progress at G.C.C.C. – Electrical and HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration). They are mostly populated with inmates who had already earned their N.C.C.E.R Core credentials elsewhere. More programs are scheduled to begin shortly. NCCER meets and/or exceeds most U.S. Department of Labor training requirements. It is used in various apprenticeship training programs, in technical colleges, and vocational schools. It is a standard for many large national companies and industrial education programs. The credentials are nationally portable and verifiable. The G.C.C.C. education/vocational department has been busy with many short-term and intermediate training projects in other disciplines but this represents the first long term, nationally credentialed construction training curriculum to be implemented at this facility . Construction is an important industry to Alaska and many employment opportunities are available when an offender re-enters the community. Evidence based practices prove education and training are likely to reduce recidivism. The N.C.C.E.R. curriculum at Goose Creek also enhances the Department’s mission and vision of providing reformative programs.

— Voc Ed Coordinator Tim Flannery