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Anchorage Probation Officers Stop a String of Thefts

On January 23rd Probation Officers (PO) Jeff Norris and Becky Tuominen had completed a remand to the Anchorage Correctional Complex and were returning to the field to complete more home contacts, when they witnessed a new crime. They observed a young man exiting an Office Depot store and watched him remove a laptop computer from under his shirt. PO Norris pulled their DOC vehicle into the store parking lot and maintained a visual on the suspect; meanwhile PO Tuominen spoke to the store manager about the theft at hand. PO Tuominen radioed Anchorage Police Department Dispatch, once it was confirmed that the suspect had in fact stolen the laptop. PO Norris and PO Tuominen detained the suspect until APD officers arrived on scene. It was later confirmed that the suspect was also involved in other computer thefts, one of which had made the evening news. The suspect was arrested and later confessed to the thefts. PO Norris and PO Tuominen acted in a safe manner and within their authority. Their quick action ended a string of ongoing thefts and ensured community safety.

— PO V Keith Thayer