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Wildwood Correctional Center Names Employees of the Year

Photo of Wildwood Correctional Center 2013 Employees of the Year

WWCC Employees of the Year: Sgt. Byron Kincaid, CO II Wanda Remington

The Wildwood Correctional Complex is proud to announce its 2013 Employees of the Year! They are Sergeant Byron Kincaid and Correctional Officer II Wanda Remington. Sergeant Kincaid began his career at SCCC in 2003 and transferred to Wildwood in 2005. He is currently a shift supervisor at Wildwood Pre-Trial. Superintendent Bob Hibpshman describes him as “Dependable, hardworking and an outstanding Shift Supervisor.” Sergeant Kincaid is always trying to make Wildwood shine. He is an excellent training source and leader among his peers. CO II Wanda Remington also began her career at SCCC in 2003. She transferred to Wildwood in 2006. She has been a Correctional Officer in each of Wildwood’s three compounds. Her current post is working in the Minimum camp, where she at times handles the Work Release and Dog Programs . Her Supervisors describe her as “hardworking, exceptional and a joy to work with as she always has a smile on her face”. Congratulations to these two outstanding employees! The staff at Wildwood appreciate everything that they do.

— Assistant Superintendent Shannon McCloud