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25 Graduate from Palmer Correctional Center RSAT Program

Photo of PCCC RSAT program graduates

L-R: front row: Charles Williams, Kirk Robb; middle row: Joseph Martin, Morgan Lake, David Anderson, Wayne Tichnell, Jerami Wolfe; back row: Tyrone Burkhead, Nicholas Pierce, Thomas Halton, Patrick Marrs. Staff: Assistant RSAT Program Coordinator Ms. Valerie Dementieff (left) and RSAT Program Coordinator Ms. Michele Dapuzzo (right)

In late August 2013 the Akeela Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program (RSAT) transferred from Goose Creek Correctional Center to Palmer Correctional Center. The 78-bed residential therapeutic community is currently managed by five Akeela staff members. Since their arrival at PCC the program has handed out certificates of completions to 25 graduates.