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SCCC Echo Mod Holds Annual Talent Show

Photo of talent show

Photo of talent show

The inmates of Spring Creek Correctional Center’s mental health unit, Echo Mod, held their 2nd Annual Talent Show on December 19. The talent show was the idea of the Echo Mod inmates, and was organized by I/M Aaron Butler, and overseen by Mental Health Clinician III Dennis Perry, Mental Health Clinician II Sharon Smith, and Psychological Counselor Lisa Bildeaux. Featured acts included I/M Kenny Pruitt (harmonica), I/M Joel Brooks (guitar), I/M Steve Blevins (gift giving), I/M Randall Smith (original poetry), I/M Christopher Kevan (juggling), I/M Paul Logan (original song), I/M Mario Paridiso, I/M Carl Fleeman, and I/M Alex Eckhardt (Christmas carols and poem), and I/M Michael Kignak (artwork and harmonica). Inmates in Echo Mod must follow the rules, practice good decision making, and attend community meetings in order to earn certain privileges. Special events, such as the Annual Talent show are a powerful incentive for positive behavior, providing an attainable goal to work towards. Catering for the event was provided by inmates in the Culinary Arts Internship Program.

— Assistant Superintendent Bobby Lockeby