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Spring Creek Pie-Toss Raises Funds for SHARE

SCCC Pie Toss for SHARE 2013

SCCC Pie Toss for SHARE 2013

Sgt. Brian Morris takes a good-natured pie in the face from Food Service Lead Trip Labrake

On Wednesday October 30, Spring Creek Correctional Center held a pie-throwing event to benefit the 2013 Alaska Share campaign. The brave volunteers were Assistant Superintendent Bob Lockeby, Lieutenant Erich Torrey, Administrative Officer I Sherie Fryxell, Sgt. Justin Ennis, Sgt. Brian Morris, and Accounting Clerk Autumn Dell. Together with a silent auction, Spring Creek employees donated over $700.00 to a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations. Spring Creek thanks everyone who participated in the silent auction and pie-throwing event, either through donating goods or bidding on items.

— Dean Marshall