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Champion Dog Mushers Visit Hiland Mountain

Iditarod Musher and 2013 runner-up Aliy Zirkle and 2013 Yukon Quest winner Allen Moore stopped at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center to speak with prisoners and thank them for their “dropped dog” care offered each Iditarod season. The Two Rivers, Alaska mushers made a trip to Hiland Mountain to talk to the women about their Race experiences, their kennel, their dogs and their partnership. “They both wanted to give back to the women who take care of the Iditarod dogs that are dropped from the race and placed at Hiland every year until the teams can return them to their kennels,” said HMCC Superintendent Mike Gilligan. “The Hiland women loved the presentation, the interaction and the experience. It was a very positive event for everyone.”

Spring Creek Pie-Toss Raises Funds for SHARE

SCCC Pie Toss for SHARE 2013

SCCC Pie Toss for SHARE 2013

Sgt. Brian Morris takes a good-natured pie in the face from Food Service Lead Trip Labrake

On Wednesday October 30, Spring Creek Correctional Center held a pie-throwing event to benefit the 2013 Alaska Share campaign. The brave volunteers were Assistant Superintendent Bob Lockeby, Lieutenant Erich Torrey, Administrative Officer I Sherie Fryxell, Sgt. Justin Ennis, Sgt. Brian Morris, and Accounting Clerk Autumn Dell. Together with a silent auction, Spring Creek employees donated over $700.00 to a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations. Spring Creek thanks everyone who participated in the silent auction and pie-throwing event, either through donating goods or bidding on items.

— Dean Marshall