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Wildwood Inmates Raise $1,375 for Pediatric Cancer Victim

Wildwood inmates

Wildwood inmates, from left: Clayton Gottschalk (Native Culture), Frank Oleson (Inmate Council), and Michael Edmunds (BACED)

In August, the Peninsula Clarion ran a story about a small child with pediatric cancer. One of the Wildwood men, Frank Oleson, brought the paper to me and said “We want to help this family, can I set up a table to take donations to help this little girl?” I told him that his idea was wonderful, another way to give back to our local communities. Within two days, Inmate Oleson spread the word of the need for this two-year-old child and her family. In one evening of donations, $1,375 was raised and the money was forwarded to the family.

The family received the donation card a few days later and here is the response via FACEBOOK:
“Jon and I received the most amazing gift we’ve ever received in our lives today. We want to share it with you so you can be blessed as well. A card came addressed to us from Wildwood Correctional Complex. The incarcerated men at the prison had a fundraiser to help “little Linzi”. They sent $1,375. We were so touched and humbled by the gift we could hardly speak. To think that these men who have so little are willing to give so much to help us, a family they don’t even know, is amazing. I’m working on a thank you card …(this gift is so incredible I have no idea what to say!!!)

The thank you card was shared with the men and they were so thankful they could help. Little Linzi had her surgery this week to remove her tumors and her mother reports that she is doing well. You can follow Linzi’s cancer fight via FACEBOOK under Jen Shoemaker.

— Shannon McCloud