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SHARE Campaign on Target to Reach Fundraising Goals

With just under three weeks to go State of Alaska employees have pledged or contributed $217,270 —  about 52% of the campaign goal of $415,000. You can keep an eye on the campaign by going to: http://www.alaskashare.org/_root/index.php?content_id=5187. Last year, the SHARE Campaign raised  $402,292.85. If you are having trouble deciding what organization should receive a donation please look at: http://www.alaskashare.org/pdf/2013%20SHARE%20charity%20list%20for%20website.pdf. Charitable organizations must meet specific criteria to ensure they are financially responsible and using a majority of donated money for services. Not only are you giving from the heart to help fellow Alaskans you also can qualify for recognition awards, such as a Todd Salat limited edition print for a contribution of $1,000 or more. Go here to see the items:  http://www.alaskashare.org/_root/index.php?content_id=5202. To qualify for the free random drawing at the end of the 2013 campaign, state employees need only update an existing online account or create a new account (if they don’t have one). If you have not had time to give yet, please consider making your contribution online by going to www.alaskashare.org  and click the pledge online button. Paper pledge forms are also available by contacting your department coordinator (Richard Schmitz).