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Department of Corrections Color Guard Debuts at Academy Graduation

DOC Color Guard 11-8-13

Sgt. Rodney Ramirez, Color/Honor Guard Coordinator; Commissioner Joe Schmidt; Sgt. Jacob Wyckoff; Sgt. Troy Eberline; Officer Jeffrey Reichel; Sgt. Jarod Pyle; Deputy Commissioner Leslie Houston, Director Bryan Brandenburg

Correctional Officer Academy #122 saw the debut of the Department of Corrections Color Guard at its graduation ceremony November 8th in Palmer. Months of training paid off as the guard performed with precision at the ceremony. The DOC Color Guard includes Sgt. Jacob Wyckoff, Sgt. Troy Eberline, Officer Jeffrey Reichel and Sgt. Jarod Pyle, coordinated by Sgt Rodney Ramirez. A Color Guard presents the flag at a ceremony; an Honor Guard, which includes a Color Guard, represents the department at a formal event such as a building dedication or memorial service.