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Kotzebue Probation Names New CJT

CJT Roxanne Sheets

CJT Roxanne Sheets

Roxanne Sheets, with experience working in the Alaska Court System and Department of Public Safety has been named Criminal Justice Tech at the Kotzebue Probation Office as of July 29th. Roxanne grew up in east central Minnesota and has lived in Alaska for 23 years. She loves to travel and enjoys many outdoor activities. She has had the opportunity to live in many areas of Alaska, to include Fairbanks, Eagle River, Nome, the Mat-Su Valley, Aniak, Bethel and now, Kotzebue, and is amazed at how diverse the State of Alaska is. Please welcome Roxanne to the Department of Corrections.

— Patricia Aragon

Wildwood Fast-Tracks Mocha for Adoption


Mocha: ready for adoption


Mocha is a female husky/black lab mix and is around a year old. She is spayed and up to date on her shots. She has been through basic obedience at Wildwood Correctional Center in Kenai and is ready for her forever home. She is very sweet and loving. There is an adoption fee (around $150) to cover some of the costs of the spay and shots. Please contact 260-7282 or 260-7212 if you need more information.

‘God Behind Bars’ Comes to Spring Creek

God Behind Bars at SCCC

Pictured: Phil Rees (God Behind Bars), Asst. Supt. Bobby Lockeby, SCCC Chaplain David Arestad and Pastor Scott Smith (God Behind Bars and Victory Bible Camp)

The God Behind Bars program has started at the Spring Creek Correctional Center. The program recently donated a projector, a computer, a screen and a sound system to facilitate playing DVDs of their services for the prisoners at SCCC.

Champion Dog Mushers Visit Hiland Mountain

Iditarod Musher and 2013 runner-up Aliy Zirkle and 2013 Yukon Quest winner Allen Moore stopped at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center to speak with prisoners and thank them for their “dropped dog” care offered each Iditarod season. The Two Rivers, Alaska mushers made a trip to Hiland Mountain to talk to the women about their Race experiences, their kennel, their dogs and their partnership. “They both wanted to give back to the women who take care of the Iditarod dogs that are dropped from the race and placed at Hiland every year until the teams can return them to their kennels,” said HMCC Superintendent Mike Gilligan. “The Hiland women loved the presentation, the interaction and the experience. It was a very positive event for everyone.”

Spring Creek Pie-Toss Raises Funds for SHARE

SCCC Pie Toss for SHARE 2013

SCCC Pie Toss for SHARE 2013

Sgt. Brian Morris takes a good-natured pie in the face from Food Service Lead Trip Labrake

On Wednesday October 30, Spring Creek Correctional Center held a pie-throwing event to benefit the 2013 Alaska Share campaign. The brave volunteers were Assistant Superintendent Bob Lockeby, Lieutenant Erich Torrey, Administrative Officer I Sherie Fryxell, Sgt. Justin Ennis, Sgt. Brian Morris, and Accounting Clerk Autumn Dell. Together with a silent auction, Spring Creek employees donated over $700.00 to a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations. Spring Creek thanks everyone who participated in the silent auction and pie-throwing event, either through donating goods or bidding on items.

— Dean Marshall

Wildwood Inmates Raise $1,375 for Pediatric Cancer Victim

Wildwood inmates

Wildwood inmates, from left: Clayton Gottschalk (Native Culture), Frank Oleson (Inmate Council), and Michael Edmunds (BACED)

In August, the Peninsula Clarion ran a story about a small child with pediatric cancer. One of the Wildwood men, Frank Oleson, brought the paper to me and said “We want to help this family, can I set up a table to take donations to help this little girl?” I told him that his idea was wonderful, another way to give back to our local communities. Within two days, Inmate Oleson spread the word of the need for this two-year-old child and her family. In one evening of donations, $1,375 was raised and the money was forwarded to the family.

The family received the donation card a few days later and here is the response via FACEBOOK:
“Jon and I received the most amazing gift we’ve ever received in our lives today. We want to share it with you so you can be blessed as well. A card came addressed to us from Wildwood Correctional Complex. The incarcerated men at the prison had a fundraiser to help “little Linzi”. They sent $1,375. We were so touched and humbled by the gift we could hardly speak. To think that these men who have so little are willing to give so much to help us, a family they don’t even know, is amazing. I’m working on a thank you card …(this gift is so incredible I have no idea what to say!!!)

The thank you card was shared with the men and they were so thankful they could help. Little Linzi had her surgery this week to remove her tumors and her mother reports that she is doing well. You can follow Linzi’s cancer fight via FACEBOOK under Jen Shoemaker.

— Shannon McCloud

Female Inmates at KCC Begin Crochet Project

Crochet project at KCC

Crochet project at KCC

The female inmates at Ketchikan Correctional Center began a crochet project this month and already several women have learned how to crochet and others are busy teaching and making creations. Thus far they have created numerous scarves and several hats. The participants plan to donate their items to a local charity at Christmas.

— Jessica Mathews

SHARE Campaign on Target to Reach Fundraising Goals

With just under three weeks to go State of Alaska employees have pledged or contributed $217,270 —  about 52% of the campaign goal of $415,000. You can keep an eye on the campaign by going to: http://www.alaskashare.org/_root/index.php?content_id=5187. Last year, the SHARE Campaign raised  $402,292.85. If you are having trouble deciding what organization should receive a donation please look at: http://www.alaskashare.org/pdf/2013%20SHARE%20charity%20list%20for%20website.pdf. Charitable organizations must meet specific criteria to ensure they are financially responsible and using a majority of donated money for services. Not only are you giving from the heart to help fellow Alaskans you also can qualify for recognition awards, such as a Todd Salat limited edition print for a contribution of $1,000 or more. Go here to see the items:  http://www.alaskashare.org/_root/index.php?content_id=5202. To qualify for the free random drawing at the end of the 2013 campaign, state employees need only update an existing online account or create a new account (if they don’t have one). If you have not had time to give yet, please consider making your contribution online by going to www.alaskashare.org  and click the pledge online button. Paper pledge forms are also available by contacting your department coordinator (Richard Schmitz).

Wildwood Correctional Officer in Strongman Competition at Fitness Expo

Danny Autrey

Officer Autrey presses the “axle” weighing 250 pounds in an overhead lift. Photo courtesy Danny Autrey.

Wildwood Correctional Officer Danny Autrey placed second in the heavyweight category of the Alaska’s Strongest Man competition held during Alaska Fitness Expo IV late last month at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage. Autrey successfully pressed a 250-pound “axle” in an overhead lift. He has qualified for the North American Strongman Nationals 2014.