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Colleen Patrick-Riley Retires After 26 Years

Dan Fishel

Patrick-Riley, center is honored by Deputy Commissioners Ron Taylor, left, and Leslie Houston, right.

After 26 years with the State of Alaska – all served as a steadfast advocate for the mentally ill – Mental Health Clinician III Colleen Patrick-Riley will retire. Her last day with the department is October 31st. “She has worked long hours, participated in countless committees, work groups & boards,” said medical director Laura Brooks. “She has helped build programs, change policy and drive services that improve the outcomes of mentally ill offenders releasing from DOC custody. She is tireless, dedicated, creative, and as hard working as they come.”

Supervisors, Section Chiefs, Directors meet in Palmer for 3-Day Conference

Close to 90 Superintendents, Probation Supervisors, Section Chiefs, Directors and Command Staff met at the Palmer Academy large conference room October 8-10. Keynote speaker was Dianne Blumer, Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The group heard from presenters on leadership and children of incarcerated parents. Other topics included overviews of Administrative Services with a budget update, ACOMS, Institutional Health Care, Facilities, Threat Groups, PREA, evidence-based practices, policies and procedures, continuity of operations, and strategic planning.

A Message from Commissioner Joe Schmidt: Today Alaska is Housing Its Own Prisoners


Goose Creek Correctional Center

In June 2009, after a brief groundbreaking ceremony, construction began on 435,000-square foot, $240 million Goose Creek Correctional Center. Four years and three months later close to 1,200 of the facility’s 1,536 beds are filled. Thanks to dedicated teamwork on the part of correctional facilities statewide and the hard work of Superintendent Amy Rabeau and her staff, a successful ramp-up of Goose Creek Correctional Center has occurred. Challenges arose and were addressed effectively with no single event causing a delay.

In 2006 there were close to 1,000 Alaska prisoners housed out-of-state. Today Alaska is housing its own prisoners while the 300-350 employees hired to maintain their incarceration are Alaskans. This successful ramp-up presented the challenge of airlifting and ground-transporting close to 1,100 prisoners from Hudson, Colorado to a range of correctional facilities in Alaska, from Seward to Point Mackenzie. This occurred without a hitch, and included the transfer of prisoner property as well as state-owned equipment and records. Likewise recruitment efforts provided record numbers of qualified applicants. Today, 277 Alaskans are employed at Goose Creek in a variety of functions from security to education, medical, food service, maintenance and administration.
In returning its prisoners to Alaska, the department will be in a better position to promote successful reentry while providing secure confinement/. Prisoners will be, in many cases, more connected to family and support systems. Over 200 prisoners at Goose Creek are already participating in education and vocational programming and an intensive substance abuse treatment program.

— Commissioner Joe Schmidt

Nome Probation Office Hires Criminal Justice Tech

Dan Fishel

Dan Fishel

Criminal Justice Tech Daniel Fishel, who moved to Nome from Minnesota in search of new opportunities, began working at the Nome Probation Office on August 1. Dan has been in Nome nearly 1½ years, worked for the City of Nome and at the Seaside Center halfway house, is a volunteer fire fighter, and also enjoys basketball, volleyball, hunting and fishing. Please welcome Dan to the DOC family.

Accounting Tech Rych Clime Honored by Alaska State Firefighters Association

Rych Clime honored

Rych Clime

Juneau Central Office Accounting Tech Rych Clime was honored for 20 years of service by the Alaska State Firefighters Association. The honor was presented on September 27th at the annual State Fire Conference in Anchorage.

“It’s always great to see my firefighting brothers and sisters from around the state convene in one spot/city at the annual conference/training,” Clime said. “At the banquet/awards night, I thought I was getting recognized on stage for helping with this year’s conference, helping the host conference folks (Anchorage, and Anchorage Fire Dept conference committee). Instead I was called up to the stage to be inducted into the Life Membership for 20 years of fire service for the State of Alaska. My fire captain and couple other ASFA board member helped me get nominated.”

Clime, who’s fire warden for the JCO, served as a volunteer firefighter with the Douglas fire station for 18 years.

Board of Parole Public Administrative Meeting (Phase II)

The Alaska Board of Parole will meet from 11:00 AM to noon on Wednesday, October 23rd to host Phase II of a public meeting regarding parole in the State of Alaska. The Board will hold a public meeting to provide an overview of the parole system in Alaska, as well as information on the operation of the board.

The meeting will be held in Anchorage, Alaska at the Atwood Building located at 550 W. 7th Ave., on the 17th floor, in Conference Room # 1760. Those in attendance will have an opportunity to provide comments to the board regarding its activities.
Additionally Audio Teleconference is available to members of the public who are unable to attend but wish to speak to Parole Board members to address their concerns. To participate by audio teleconference, call (toll-free) 800-315-6338 and enter the code 9104 followed by the pound symbol (#) when prompted.