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Incarcerated Fathers the Focus at Palmer Correctional Center

Magestro and Houser

Susan Magestro, Assistant Superintendent Houser

At Palmer Correctional Center, Assistant Superintendent Earl Houser provided five institutional tours for professionals who attended training called, “The Journey of the Child of An Incarcerated Parent” by Instructor Susan Magestro. This professional development training was offered through University of Alaska Anchorage and approved by the State of Alaska. Participants included professionals who currently work with children of incarcerated parents from both the Mat-Su Borough and Anchorage area.

“Having the opportunity to tour Palmer Correctional Center and learning about children of incarcerated parents has been a life changing experience for me both professionally and personally,” wrote one student. Palmer Correctional Center is fortunate to announce that Ms. Susan Magestro will be providing a formal program, “Incarcerated Fathers” for prisoners who have completed the Inside Out Dad program.

These meetings for incarcerated fathers will be bi-weekly. The topics will be closely aligned with those of their children as well as addressing their understanding of the unique needs and issues of their children upon their release from prison.

The Goals:

  • Reduce inter-generational incarceration
  • Reduce recidivism
  • Provide for a more successful re-entry back into the family
  • Enhance positive interactions with their children
  • Gain an understanding of their children’s unique needs
  • Provide strategies and tools to dissipate and de-escalate some of their children’s frustration and varying levels of anger

Ms. Magestro is also providing youth group meetings in our communities with volunteered certified counselors who will be leading these groups. Announcements with final locations and other specific registration information related to these groups will be sent. Superintendent Anderson would like to sincerely thank Ms. Magestro for her commitment and dedication to this innovated program which is intended to be provided at other Alaskan Correctional Facilities in the near future.

Xavier Frost joins Department Team as Human Resources Manager

Xavier Frost

Human Resources Manager Xavier Frost

The Department of Corrections welcomes Xavier Frost to the helm of the Human Resources team. Frost was hired as Human Resources Manager and assumed his new duties August 1st. He is based in Anchorage. Frost, who grew up largely in Phoenix, Arizona, comes to the state from the Municipality of Anchorage where he worked first as a recruitment specialist and then as Senior Investigator for the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission. Previously Frost was a human resources professional for the City of Phoenix. Frost earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety from Grand Canyon University and is two classes shy of completing a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Ottawa (Kansas) University. “I’m really enjoying working with a very professional and very knowledgeable staff,” Frost said. “The support and positive welcome I’ve received has been terrific.”