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A Week of Celebration and Recognition


What do you see in the future? What do those you supervise see? The views may be drastically different! You have the ability to Change Lives and help give others the ability to create a bright Future. The work of pretrial, probation and parole is not easy and it may be hard to stay positive in such a stressful profession, but thousands of you, every day, do just that. You know how important your work is to those on your caseloads as well as to your community. Maybe you don’t directly supervise a caseload, but every step in the juvenile and adult justice system is important. From making decisions, preparing pre-sentence investigation reports, maintaining data integrity and privacy, to technical and clerical support it all counts and makes a difference! APPA hopes you take some time now and especially during the week of July 21-27 to feel proud of the profession you’ve chosen and celebrate your accomplishments.

— Message from American Probation and Parole Association