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Correctional Officer Marolf named SCCC Employee of the Year


From left: Superintendent Dean Marshall, Director Bryan Brandenburg, Deputy Commissioner Leslie Houston, Employee of the Year Fred Marolf, Deputy Commissioner Ron Taylor and Commissioner Joe Schmidt

Correctional Officer II Fred Marolf was honored as Spring Creek Correctional Center’s 2013 Employee of the Year. Officer Marolf began his career with the Department in April, 2005. He has served as a Field Training Officer and a TAC Team Leader at SCCC. A no-host luncheon was at the Peking Restaurant, in Seward.

Officer Marolf has successfully mentored numerous new hires at SCCC and has trained many highly effective and productive officers. Marolf’s attention to detail has proven to be a vital asset in his training approach. From his early days as a CO Marolf earned the reputation of being a highly skilled “shakedown artist.” “If you needed something found or something was suspected being in a cell, you sent Fred to find it and he usually did,” said Assistant Superintendent Bobby Lockeby. Marolf has been an active member of the tac-team for many years and can be counted on to be there when issues needed to be resolved. “Marolf has earned the respect of not only his peers but from prisoners as well. Fred’s sense of humor, although rather dry, lightens and lifts those around him,” Lockeby added “He holds the line on the departments’ mission of maintaining a firm, fair and consistent approach in dealing with prisoners.” Officer Marolf is married and has two children and is a grandparent.