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PCC Minimum Conducts Potlatch, Raises Totem Pole

The Annual PCC Potlatch was held in June and proved a huge success with Commissioner Joe Schmidt and family and over 100 prisoners and their families and guests participating. Prisoner Terry Simpson designed, carved and donated a “People Can Change” Totem Pole, which now watches over the Minimum facility with pride. The PCC Native Culture Council and several volunteers constructed and donated many customized gifts such as paddles, a doll house, small dog sleds, cribbage boards, chess board, t-shirts, hats, etc. for the raffle and complimentary gifts for the visitors. Superintendent Anderson and Assistant Superintendent Houser would like to send a special thanks to the Commissioner and his family, Good News Blues Band, Poly Sway Dancers, Miracle Dancers, Mount Susitna Drummers, Guest Speaker Matt McWaters, PCC’s Native Culture Council, PCC Staff and all the prisoners who volunteered and donated their time and effort to make the day memorable and successful.

— Tomi Anderson