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Coworkers Honor Fairbanks PO Lesia Lefner


Lesia Lefner

After close to 20 years with the Department, Fairbanks PO II Lesia Lefner is returning to her Virginia roots to be closer to family. Lesia’s career with DOC began at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel in 1986. She then moved to Anchorage to pursue her degree in Justice, which she earned in 1999. While attending college, she worked for the Dept. of Law in the Oil, Gas and Mining section. In October 2000 Lesia returned to DOC when she accepted employment at the probation office in Fairbanks. “Working at DOC has been a wonderful experience,” she said. Lesia will be working for the Virginia Department of Corrections, Probation section.