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Wildwood Inmates Create Hats to Benefit Relay for Life

WTP Hats

In honor of those who have fought cancer, inmates at the Wildwood Transitional Program created and donated numerous pink hats to benefit the Central Peninsula Relay for Life, which was held June 1st. The hats were presented to event organizer Johna Beech, who said she was very thankful to those that created the hats and that they would either be given as prizes or auctioned. WTP hopes to fill the need next year and do twice as many hats!

Ketchikan Probation Officers Sworn to Duty

New DOC Buses

On May 24th, Judge Trevor Stephens conducted a swearing-in ceremony for Ketchikan Probation Officers Natalie White, Catherine Lepine and Mary Kay Havens. Assistant District Attorney James Scott and Chief Probation Officer Martie Correa spoke at the ceremony, which drew a superior turnout from all of Ketchikan’s agencies.