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Anchorage Probation/Parole Key to Arrest of Offender

On May 21st of this year, Anchorage Probation Officers provided information that led to the arrest of Daniel “Fat Dan” Rosendahl who was wanted on felony charges of Robbery 1, Assault 3 and Misconduct Involving Weapons 3 resulting from a drug deal gone bad in Eagle River on April 24th.

A probation officer received information from a probationer under his supervision that he had just spoken with the defendant at an Anchorage gas station and that the defendant stated he was hitchhiking to Homer for the weekend. The probationer provided a clothing description and the fact he was carrying a backpack with a sleeping bag attached. The information was immediately provided to APD, AST and the Homer Police Department. APD was not able to locate the defendant however the Trooper who had been contacted by probation and provided with the information spotted him while driving home at the end of his shift. The Trooper contacted APD and they took the defendant into custody while on the highway 45 minutes after the information was received by Anchorage Probation.

This was a great team effort that made the community safer this Memorial Day weekend and the result of the probation officer developing an exceptional working relationship with his probationer.

— Probation Officer III Rob Carlson