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JCO ‘Biggest Loser’ Participants Shed Pounds in 13-Week Challenge

JCO Biggest Loser 2013 Competitors & Coordinators

From left: Rachel Turner, Mike Lim, Richard Schmitz, April Wilkerson, Jonathan Palomo, Mike Pere, Leslie Houston, John Schauwecker, Stacy Gullufsen, Melinda Bugayong, Tish Forrest and Sherrie Daigle

Leslie Houston and Teresa Kesey shared the winners’ platform, each shedding a total of 10.4 percent of body weight in the 13-week program, which wrapped up April 19th. Eleven JCO staff members took part (not pictured here are competitors Kevin Worley and Teresa Kesey), and together 63.3 pounds were shed for a total 3.22 percent loss. Mike Pere, Rachel Turner and Sherrie Daigle volunteered their time for administrative support, such as conducting the weigh-ins and recording the results. The goal of the program was to focus on wellness and healthy eating habits.