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PCC Welding Instruction Program Graduates First Class

Palmer Welding First Graduates

Back row left to right: Kyle White, Jason Mitchel, Jason Rose, Steve Smith, Instructor Jake Simpson, Daniel Mingo, Timothy Jean and Daniel Morgan; Front row left to right: Bradley Wilson, Tommy Ningealook, Elmer Downey

Ten inmates from Palmer Correctional Center completed the first Welding Instructional Program held at the facility and were honored in a graduation exercise that included other students, staff and officers. This graduation, on March 26, 2013, was the culmination of the efforts of many people involved in the planning, coordination and implementation of this program. The inmates involved in this program are given the instruction and tools needed to learn valuable skills that are highly sought after in the private sector. It is hoped that graduates will find suitable employment in this trade when they are released from incarceration and that the PCC Welding Program will receive a reputation for the quality of instruction it provides.