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Inmates at Palmer Correctional Center raise funds for local community

Palmer Inmates

Top Row: Sgt. Snowdeal, Superintendent Anderson, John Yoakum, Terry Hall, William Metlicka, Daniel Mingio, Jesse Pfeffer, Michael Hartzler, T.J. Edwards, Lt. Olsen, Ofc. Britton; Front Row: David Ailep, Frederick Smith, Jason Mitchel

The Palmer Correctional Facility Minimum Inmate Store and Native Culture Council joined to facilitate two fund-raisers to benefit local charities. The money raised by the fundraisers (sales of fried chicken and pizza) was then matched by the Minimum Inmate Store. The total raised was $1,183, which was then used to purchase toys to donate.

The inmates at the Palmer Correctional Center Minimum Facility also this year continued to volunteer their time to make wooden cars and trucks for donation to local charities. The wood to make the wooden cars and trucks was donated from area businesses. The wooden toys are made in the Inmate Hobby Wood shop and the inmates were able to make approximately 200 wooden cars and truck this year.