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Departments of Corrections, Labor and Workforce Development Nurture Cooperative Environment

The Department of Corrections and Department of Labor and Workforce Development have been increasing collaborative efforts, with the goal of easing released offenders back into the workplace and a more productive future. Here are some of the ways the two departments are working together:

The DOL’s Central Region Manager met with Deputy Commissioner Carmen Gutierrez, Director Ron Taylor, and two AmeriCorps representatives to discuss how AmeriCorps members might work within the regional job centers on job development and services for Prisoner Reentry.

Anchorage Business Connection staff met with the Alaska Prisoner Reentry Task Force at their Employment Workgroup Meeting. The meeting was chaired by Melissa Abrami, Project Coordinator and attendees included Beth Leschper (DOL-WD), Gary Olsen (DOC), John Hakala (Federal Apprenticeship), and Ruth Schoenleben (Nine Star). Participants were updated on the status of six strategies to improve access to employment for individuals with criminal records exiting correctional facilities.

Recently, Anchorage Business Connection staff conducted a Seafood Orientation at Goose Creek Correctional Center. This is part of an effort to assist inmates with employment in the seafood industry after incarceration. DOL-WD is training the DOC Education Coordinator to conduct the Seafood Orientations so she can provide them monthly to inmates nearing release.