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Offender file Conversion Project Underway in Juneau

File conversion

File conversion

Over the last year, staff of the Records Section at Juneau Central Office Administrative Services have started a process to convert the paper files of former DOC offenders into an electronic format. New computer software was designed and installed which allows paper documents to be scanned and then stored in ACOMS. Previously, an offender’s hard file had to be tracked down, boxed up, and shipped. In addition, storage capacity for paper files has been greatly expanded, which allows staff improved access to files in need of conversion.

“We’re excited about the direction we are heading regarding paper files. While we don’t have the capacity to store all the paper files located at all of our facilities, we hope to at least take some of the pressure off of facilities dealing with the burden of storing so many hard files,” said Section Chief Mike Matthews.

The Juneau Central Office has already begun to receive files from some DOC offices. In fact, the office received over 5,000 pounds of paper files for storage and eventual conversion on a single day in October.

“Our ultimate goal is to implement a schedule where each facility ships us a fixed number of hard files on a recurring basis. This will allow the facilities the ability to get some additional control over their file storage capacity while at the same time allow us to predict and prepare for all of the incoming files,” Matthews said.