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Department Shares National Award for Housing Partnership


Thanks to active collaboration between Department of Corrections Adult Probation/Parole Officers and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, the State of Alaska Housing Finance Agency was awarded the 2012 COSCDA Sterling Achievement Award for Homelessness for its Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program for Former Prisoners.

Parole/ Probation officers provide referrals to AHFC which processes the referral according to the program rules. Probation / Parole Officers act as a point of contact for the household, landlord and the AHFC Public Housing staffs. TBRA is offered throughout Alaska in eleven locations. Individuals that are on DOC probation or parole that will lease-up in the HOME/ Housing Choice Voucher service area are eligible to apply.

The AHFC Public Housing Division conducts the income eligibility determinations and conducts the briefing class for TBRA participants and their Probation/Parole Officers. Unit approval, inspections and renewals are conducted using the existing Housing Choice Voucher administrative infrastructure.