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Juneau Fogbow

Juneau Fogbow

Office Assistant Rachel Turner snapped this photo of a Juneau “fogbow” while walking to work at the Douglas Office Building Friday morning. Juneau enjoyed a bright, sunny morning as the fog burned off. Mount Juneau is in the background, the body of water is Gastineau Channel.

Correctional Officer Academy 117 graduates 30

Correctional Officer Academy 117 had 30 new officers graduate on August 24. The DOC Training Academy reported the graduates represented institutions located in Anchorage, Eagle River, Matsu, Fairbanks, Seward, Juneau and Kenai. The first Correctional Officers assigned to the newly opened Goose Creek Prison graduated and are pictured with Commissioner Joe Schmidt and Goose Creek Superintendent Amy Rabeau. The key-note speaker for the graduation ceremony was Palmer Mayor DeLena Johnson. The ceremony was held at the Palmer Railroad Depot.

Prisoners, Staff and Visitors Participate in annual Potlatch at HCF

A large group of inmates, family members and staff participated in the annual Potlatch celebration at the Hudson Correctional Facility. Moose soup was specially prepared by a small group of Native Elders who traveled to the event from Fairbanks. About 50 pounds of moose meat was donated by community members in the Interior. Also present was a documentary film crew under the direction of Visual Sociologist David Adler of St. Francis University in Brooklyn, N.Y. The topic of the film is inmate art.

Wildwood Inmates volunteer for beach cleanup

Palmer Staff

A WCC inmate and Officer Todd Reposa walk off the beach at the end of a productive day of removing trash.

A plea from the Parks Department for the City of Kenai to assist in cleaning up the Kenai beach was answered by Wildwood inmates. A team of 8 inmates was sent from the Wildwood Transitional Program to complete the project. They picked up hundreds of pounds of debris and trash from the beach.

This has been a productive year for the Transitional Program, assisting with trash pick-up, park sign construction and invasive weed removal.