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Officer Lynn Hays named Denali Award winner for Crisis Response


On November 22, 2010 Officer Hays left home to begin his work day. There were many accidents that morning due to a steady freezing rain that left roadways treacherous and ice-covered. Monitoring the radio, Officer Hays became aware of an accident close to his location where a pregnant woman was trapped in her vehicle. With the nearest emergency responder 45 minutes away, Officer Hays radioed that he was two minutes from the location and was responding. Upon arrival, Officer Hays assessed a three-vehicle accident and located the trapped individual. After assessing the woman’s condition Officer Hays communicated with responders and attempted to alert oncoming traffic. With road conditions extremely icy, an additional five vehicles crashed around him. Officer Hays then closed the section of road stopping traffic and likely preventing additional collisions and perhaps injuries. Officer Hays flagged a tow-truck and directed the operator to begin to clear some of the crashed vehicles. State Troopers responded, but were quickly called away by another emergency at a nearby location. Officer Hays remained on the scene, collecting pertinent information and electing to re-open the road when a sanding truck arrived. Prison Transportation Officer Hays demonstrated his willingness to assist and protect the public in a challenging situation.


Officer Lynn Hays began his career with the Department of Corrections in 1996, and joined the Central Transportation Unit in 2005. He is known for his professionalism in the most difficult of circumstances.