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Spring Creek Correctional Officer honored for volunteer work


Spring Creek Correctional Center CO III Brian Hutchison was named 2010 Volunteer of the Year by the Seward SeaLife Center for his work as a diver.
“Brian’s volunteer accomplishments are outstanding,” wrote Ian Dutton, the center’s President and CEO. “Brian has participated in over 60 dives which involve cleaning three unique 90,000, 102,000 and 120,000 gallon habitats as well as tending other divers to insure their safety while in the water. Volunteering with the dive department requires physical and mental strength as well as a keen sense of judgment, which Brian has consistently demonstrated. Currently, Brian has volunteered over 120 hours to improving the dive department. His generous volunteer contributions greatly benefit the SeaLife Center. As one of only two volunteer divers, Brian is truly dedicated to diving and to promoting the mission of the center. Brian is a great example of the positive impact that community members can have when supporting local organizations.”