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Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

Pitfalls & Perseverance: The Journey of a Reentrant

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In Alaska, two out of three individuals recidivate after release from incarceration. Collateral consequences are large and impact every community throughout the state. One successful reentrant empowers not only themselves, but also their children and families. Their success directly affects ours; when we help a transitioning individual, we are helping our neighbors, our local businesses and ultimately the place we all call home. This is a hand-up not a hand-out; they cannot do it alone (it takes a village to raise a child).

So join us, on August 25. Everyone's welcome and admission is free. 

Friday Aug 04, 2017

Shooting Competition at Spring Creek

On a weekend in May, SCCC sponsored the first “Invitational 3 Gun Competition” in Limited and Tactical Divisions. The event was open to all and attended by a healthy mix of private citizens, army and law enforcement--and all were invited to feast on the BBQ provided by Spring Creek’s Employee Assistance Program. 






And the results are...

Tactical Division
1st  Ben H. Anchorage 157.17
2nd  Pat M. SPD 170.65
3rd  Greg B. SCCC 179.24
4th  Scott C. Kenai 194.67
5th  Justin L. Anchorage 204.27
6th  Rusty T. Eagle River 227.15
7th  Josh E. Anchorage 242.31
8th  Gene V. Anchorage 294.26
9th  John W. Anchorage 301.72
10th  Nick W. Anchorage 307.42
11th  Julia W. Anchorage 327.71
12th  Darren W. SCCC 351.77
13th  Mike H. Anchorage 379.20
14th  Robert S. SCCC 677.26

Limited Division
1st  Ben H Anchorage 148.34
2nd  Pat M. SPD 183.96
3rd  Greg B. SCCC 184.05
4th  Scott C. Kenai 201.44
5th  John W. Anchorage 250.47
6th  Patrick B. SCCC 261.91
7th  Nick W. Anchorage 262.19
8th  Julia W. Anchorage 306.14
9th  Darren W. SCCC 356.70
10th  Bobby E. Anchorage 383.65
11th  Leif B. Seward 522.62

Wednesday Aug 02, 2017

Another successful Point MacKenzie BBQ

Once a year, folks at the Point MacKenzie Correctional Farm host a BBQ, and enjoy grub grown and raised right there on the property.

This year was another successful year. There was a tour of the greenhouses, good music, and delicious food.






Monday Jul 24, 2017

Spring Creek inmates donate to Seward wrestling team

It’s become an annual tradition in Seward: the Marathon Wrestling Team needs funds for equipment and to pay for trips to tournaments, and Spring Creek’s prisoner clubs are happy to donate. This year they gave a whopping $3,000—no need to twist their arms!



Meet Hiland Mountain Probation

For Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Officers Week, we wanted to introduce some of our dedicated staff from around the state. We thank all of our pretrial, probation, and parole officers, who work daily to ensure public safety in our communities.

Meet DOC's Hiland Mountain Probation Officers  


Read Governor Bill Walker's proclamation for Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Officers Week:


Friday Jul 21, 2017

Meet the Anchorage Probation office

For Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Officers Week, we wanted to introduce some of our dedicated staff from around the state. We thank all of our pretrial, probation, and parole officers, who work daily to ensure public safety in our communities.

Meet our Anchorage Probation Office

The Department of Corrections’ Anchorage Probation Office is the largest in Alaska. The office supervises offenders on probation or parole for various crimes. While our officers primarily focus on public safety, they work endlessly to help offenders become successful in our communities.'

The supervisors 

anchorage sups.jpeg

(From left to right: Rebecca Reed, Johnny Spence, Rob Carlson, Jeff Norris, Dwayne Hanson. Not Pictured: Juliet Stoudenmire)

Unit 1 -- Mental health, sex offender, and generic

Over the last year, Unit 1 has had an extensive overhaul after losing several PO’s to other life opportunities. After adding 3 new probation officers to the unit quickly adapted to the change in supervision strategies. Unit 1 further contributed to the new direction of the department and provided input into some DPP policy and procedures rewrites.

unit 1.jpeg

 (From left to right:Tito Guzman, Debra Entsminger, Jeff Norris - Supervisor, Jeanette Bartz, Christy Berggren, Caleb Lovelace)

Unit 2 -- Sex Offender

Unit 2 consists of one supervisor and seven field PO’s. By implementing the Containment Model of Sex Offender Supervision we supervise approximately 400 offenders convicted of sex offenses. In the last year, this unit has worked as a team, through staff shortages that made their caseloads be as high as 75 offenders, to ensure public safety.  

unit 2.jpeg

(From left to right: Shane Cooper, Matt Matthews, Jessica Yurkew, Julie Beesley, Jesse Tigner, Cheng Vang, Karl Hermann (Not Pictured: Brian Clausson, Rob Carlson – Supervisor)

Unit 3 – APO Training

The Training Unit is the starting line for every PO’s career.  We get introduced to the computer system, document recognition and file organization and maintenance. We review policies and manuals that the state provides to inform new officers of the rules that govern them. New officers are provided on the job training on how to interact with returning citizens, provide responsible supervision, and get introduced to community agencies participating in the re-entry movement.

The Training Unit brings about excitement and energy to the field of probation and parole as they await their turn to attend the academy and begin their duties to protect the public.

unit 3.jpeg

(From left to right: Rebecca Reed - Supervisor, Maria Wallace, Andrea Kuckertz (Not Pictured: Jason Waller, Kerry Porche, Valerie Dawson, Tristian Monterastelli, Jesse Murray)

Unit 4 -- Interstate/Generic

Days in the Interstate/Generic Unit Four are fluid and often full of surprises. Unit Four consists of probation officers with a variety of backgrounds, with a focus on re-entry. We have probation officers with decades of experience with the DOC, a Training and STG officer, and a probation officer with working knowledge of the different programs our community offers, including therapeutic courts and Chanlylut. Over the last year we have successfully transitioned PO Newton and PO Prieksat into the Interstate Compact positions. As a cohesive unit, we pride ourselves on effective communication and the ability to assist each other and other units in time of need.  

unit 4.jpeg

(From left to right: Karen Newton, Denise McKenzie, Erika Prieksat, Ann Fallico, Justin Brozovsky (Not Pictured: Lana Grist, Travis Morris, Juliet Stoudenmire – Supervisor)

Unit 5– PACE/Generic

The PACE/Generic unit handles both generic probation and parole cases, as well as PACE probation and parole offenders. The PACE program is a structured program that involves special court and parole hearings when offenders commit violations. The goal is to integrate them in the community surrounded by substance abuse treatment and other services to increase their chances at success. The POs on this unit are dedicated professionals committed to community safety and offender rehabilitation.  

unit 5.jpeg

(From left to right: Sean Ensign, Joshua Kopp, Eileen Farrar, Johnny Spence - Supervisor, Jeffrey Fonseca, Scott Love (Not Pictured: Jennifer Mariscal, Casey Vanasse)

Read Governor Bill Walker's proclamation for Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Officers Week: